Storage Enquiries in Storman

Your web enquiries, inside Storman Cloud.

Our form integration with Storman Cloud means that your online quote requests are now automatically saved in Storman Cloud as a lead for your staff to action.

That way, you’ll be able to use the powerful reporting capabilities in Storman Cloud to accurately report on website enquiries & conversion rates for your staff.

  • Single source of truth for enquiries & leads
  • Accurate reporting data in Storman
  • Improved tracking of staff conversion rates
  • Get email notifications so you can respond to prospective storers quickly
  • Works with Storman Cloud

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If you like our quote & enquiry form integration with Storman Cloud and are interested in having it on your website, please contact us to find out more, or call 1300 660 937.

NB. We launched this feature with an in-depth overview on our blog. You can read the post here.