Self Storage Space Estimator v2

Sample Space Estimator

Below you’ll find a sample of our brand new (v2) self storage space estimator. Big Budda Boom clients who run a self storage facility can use this on their websites to assist storers in ascertaining how much space they might need.


The estimator can also directly link to an enquiry form, allowing storers to enquire about their preferred unit size, and/or can link directly to Storman Online Reservations, so that the storer can reserve a unit of that size right then and there!



How to use it…

  1. Add as many “rooms” as you like. For example: Living Room, Kitchen, Garage.
  2. Add items (and quantities) to your rooms using the dropdown provided.
    As you add items, the estimator will update to show you what unit sizes it would recommend.

Like what you see?

If you liked our enhanced Self Storage Space Estimator and are interested in having it on your website, please contact us to find out more, or call 1300 660 937.

Watch the video demo

Watch our demo video to learn how it works & see how it can help you turn a browser into a buyer!