Audio Conversion

Audio Conversion

With our audio conversion services, you can convert that old audio tape to CD or MP3 / WAV file. We’ve even converted MiniDisc recordings & an old answering machine recording to CD.

Whatever your tape to CD and other audio conversion requirements, it’s likely we’ve got it covered.


Application eForm & Pricelist

Click to download our audio conversion pricelist & application form (this is an Adobe PDF eForm that works best when completed & submitted electronically on your computer)


What’s the procedure?

  1. Download / open our application eForm above.
  2. Complete the form using your computer & press the “Email” button at the end to send it to us electronically (if you prefer, you can print the form & post it to us with your tapes, but there are some advantages to filling it out on your computer – such as the prefilled address label on the last page).
  3. Wrap, pack & post your tapes to us (the address is on the form, or check our contact us page).
  4. Once we receive your tapes (we usually check our GPO box twice a week), we will email you an invoice and begin the conversion process as per your requirements listed on the form.
  5. Once we receive your payment (we accept Cheque, Money Order, Bank Deposit and Credit Card online), your tapes & converted materials will be shipped back to you (along with some goodies!) via the address and method selected on the form.


Got other questions?

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us if you’re unsure.

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