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How to setup the Storman Cloud Connector

If Big Budda Boom are setting up a Storman Cloud connection for you, here are the steps to follow to create the initial API link for us.

You can also find these instruction (with screenshots), in the Storman Support Centre.


Steps to setup

  1. Log into Storman Cloud
  2. Click ‘Facility Settings’ in the sidebar, then ‘Users, Roles & PINs’
  3. Click the ‘Add User’ button
  4. In the ‘Full name’ field enter:  BBB API
  5. In the ‘Username’ field enter:  bbbapiuser
  6. In the ‘Email address’ field enter:  support@bigbuddaboom.com
  7. In the ‘Role’ dropdown, select Admin
  8. Create a password & keep a note of it as we’ll need it (it will need to have 10 or more characters, and contain number, letters and a few symbols) – here’s a great online password generator if you need one
  9. Under the ‘Facility access’ section, tick ‘All facilities’
  10. Click ‘Add User’.
  11. Please email your contact person at Big Budda Boom and provide the details from Step 8, as well as your facility code (eg. SSCTY) so we can finalise the integration. Do not share or provide these details with anyone else.


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