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How to create a Facebook Ad Account

If Big Budda Boom are developing a Facebook Ad Campaign for you, here are the steps to follow to create a business profile and account that we will be able to manage on your behalf to create, run & manage your social media advertising.


Steps to setup

  1. Visit the Facebook Business Portal.
  2. Click the blue Create Business button.
  3. Fill in the steps provided on screen, entering the details for your business. When prompted on one of these steps, select the option to say that: “This account primarily uses Facebook tools or data to promote its own goods and services“. Once this process finished, the business account will be created.
  4. Next, select the menu icon (3 lines at the top-left of the page); a large menu will appear.
  5. From this menu, select Business Settings (it may be located on the far side of the menu).
  6. From the options that appear, select Payments from the lower part of the sidebar on the left.
  7. Add your payment details here (note that only you will be able to view or edit these).
  8. Click Add to finalise the payment method for your Facebook ad spend.
  9. Next up, click Request Access to a Page.
  10. When prompted, enter the link we have given you – it will usually be something like facebook.com/your-business-page-goes-here/
  11. Click the Add button to continue.
  12. At the top of the window (in the address bar), should be something like https://business.facebook.com/settings/?business_id=XXXXXXX …please copy & paste this link & send it to us (including the numbers at the end).
  13. Next up, go to https://business.facebook.com and select your business.
  14. From the middle of the screen, click Add Ad Account.
  15. Click the grey Create ad account button or option (if you see a dialog with 3 options, it’ll be the last option).
  16. Give it a name, set the timezone & payment info, etc.
  17. When prompted, select the option for This ad account is for my business.
  18. Click Create.
  19. Then if prompted, enable Admin Access – Manage Ad Account and click Assign. A series of letters and/or numbers will be provided to you – please email these to us as well.

Once we receive these, we will enter them into our end and request access to the account…

Thank you – we can now create ads for you!

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