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How to Configure Email Settings

If Big Budda Boom host your website and / or email, here are the settings to use for your email client. Note that webmail is available for most domains too, just replace the “www.” prefix of your website with “webmail.” to access it.


Email settings to use

For the example below, let’s pretend our domain name is xyzdonutshop.com.au …but be sure to replace this with your own actual domain name when you’re setting it up on your phone or computer.

  • Account type: IMAP
  • Incoming & outgoing server: [use your domain name, without the “www.”] – for example xyzdonutshop.com.au
  • Username: [use your email address] – for example info@xyzdonutshop.com.au

The default ports are usually fine, but if you experience issues, try these:

  • Incoming port: 993
  • Outgoing port: 465

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