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Why Exit Surveys Are Vital for Customer Success

Customers make or break a business – and the smaller the business the harder it’ll fall when something goes wrong. So if you haven’t surveyed your customers recently, it’s time to get things into gear and find our whether they’re actually happy.

You can assume everything’s tracking along perfectly and then, suddenly, someone leaves a 1-star review on your social media or Google listing and it’s there for life. As such, it’s important to be proactive when it comes to customer success.

Way back in 2015, we wrote about how the best customers are those that do the selling for you – and three years on, our advice is the same: Ask for feedback and it’ll do wonders for your business in terms of customer satisfaction for current and future customers.

Gathering customer feedback is as simple as sending an email asking for it (or by using an NPS survey as mentioned in the post above) and most businesses do a blanket mailout of this nature to current customers every 6-12 months, but an Exit Survey is another great way to gather feedback.


Exit Surveys ensure feedback is heard

Whenever a customer churns (ceases using your services), send the Exit Survey email as part of the “thank you” message (that you should already be sending) and be sure to ask your customer what your business did well, and where the business can improve.

These surveys are a great way to gather customer feedback on areas that need improvement and, in some cases, are also a great way to get customer testimonials (if everything was to their satisfaction).


Want an Exit Survey for your website?

Big Budda Boom provide web design & marketing services, so just get in touch if you’d like more details on setting up an exit-survey on your website and linking it with your customer management software (e.g. Storman, for those in the self storage industry) to send automatically.

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