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New website launched for Jim’s Self Storage Williamstown

We recently launched a new website for Jim’s Self Storage in Williamstown (view more in our portfolio).

The website’s been live for almost two months now, so we thought we’d catch up facility manager Rosemary to discuss the project in more detail (Rosemary’s been managing the award-winning facility for 15 years!)…


Andy (Big Budda Boom): Jim’s Self Storage has always had a pretty good web presence – has much changed since the launch of the new website?

Rosemary (Jim’s Self Storage): Although it’s only early days, the leads going straight into our management software (Storman) has saved us time. Plus the leads we’re getting are more relevant to our catchment areas and the enquiries are for the next few days or weeks, rather than months away.

Andy (Big Budda Boom): We’ve known & been big fans of Jim’s Self Storage for over a decade through our involvement with Storman Software – and to finally work with you has been a dream come true. We here at Big Budda Boom have built hundreds of websites, but we feel that the team you selected for this project (SEO CoPilot, Big Budda Boom and Click-Winning Content) worked together incredibly well. The three companies had never worked together on a project before, but for us it felt like “we were getting the band back together”. How did it feel from your side?

Rosemary (Jim’s Self Storage): As you know, we first met you over 10 years ago through your involvement with Storman and we built a great rapport. You were always very helpful, very friendly and eager to understand any issues we had. Our website needed an update and initially we didn’t choose Big Budda Boom to do this for us, but after almost 2 years of not being happy with that decision, we contacted you – and now have a great website. We’ve also gone back to working with people we know and trust and although it’s early days, we are already impressed with the results. Plus the initial figures and analytics are very promising. So yes, it’s like ‘getting the band back together’, having worked with everyone in the past it’s like we’re all old friends.

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Andy (Big Budda Boom): How did life change for you during COVID-19 and the strict lockdowns that Melbourne experienced during 2020?

Rosemary (Jim’s Self Storage): Online move-ins was a big one. We worked with Storman to get this up and running the way we needed it and it didn’t take long at all. We also went from all being in the office to having one in the office and everyone else working from home. We had to set up home work stations for everyone to make this possible and things became very disjointed. We found that most of our calls were from people wanting to know if they could come to their storage unit, if we were still open, if they could buy boxes or if they could come to our office. We had set up our online box shop and after a little ‘tweaking’ that was working well. We were selling products online with click and collect or delivery available. To make this easier, we sectioned off the office so customers could ‘window shop’, place their order and then pick up in the rear car park. There were a lot of changes but the team worked together and managed well.

Andy (Big Budda Boom): One of the things we enjoyed seeing was that everyone at Jim’s Self Storage was able to have input into the new website – I think the company culture at Jim’s Self Storage is fantastic in this regard. How do you feel this helped the website during the construction phase?

Rosemary (Jim’s Self Storage): The team at Jim’s Self Storage includes everyone, regardless of our title, we are all part of the ‘TEAM’. Some of us have more experience in storage, some have more experience in social media – so we like to put it all on the table and get the best ideas from everyone. It makes us all feel like we are contributing to the success of the business.

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Andy (Big Budda Boom): Ivor and the Jim’s Self Storage team have always been big into community support and fundraisers. What’s next on the horizon for the team in this regard?

Rosemary (Jim’s Self Storage): We’ve been able to continue our current commitments with sponsorships over the past 12 months, in what was a challenging year. We plan to continue to support our local sporting and community groups.

Andy (Big Budda Boom): Was getting the new website a worthwhile exercise?

Rosemary (Jim’s Self Storage): Your website is your online shop window. It is paramount to having people recognise your facility and your brand. Getting it right is definitely a worthwhile exercise. Working with the Big Budda Boom team was so easy – I feel we have the best of the best. Let everyone put forward their thoughts and ideas and you will end up with a great website that will enhance your facility, your brand and your business.


You can visit the Jim’s Self Storage website, which we also host, at www.jimsstorage.com.au.

We thank Rosemary for her time and look forward to our catch-ups with the Jim’s Self Storage team – especially once were all allowed to travel properly again!

If you’re interested in getting your website redesigned, please explore our self storage marketing services or get in touch.

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