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A Single Source of Truth for Your Website Enquiries

Many self storage websites have an Enquiry or Quote Request form – but these often just send an email which a staff member then needs to follow up.

While this might seem fairly standard at first glance, it creates a bit of extra work & causes some gaps in your data. It also means your staff need to check multiple systems for those time-critical enquiries from prospective storers.

Furthermore, there’s no visibility in the existing self storage management software;

  • Which staff member replied to the lead?
  • If the storer decides to proceed, how do we know what was quoted?
  • Where did the lead originally come from?
  • How long did it take to go from enquiry, to reply, and then (hopefully) conversion?
  • What else did they do on the website?

This all changes, thanks to our new contact form integration with Storman Cloud. The direct integration means data from your website enquiry and quote request forms are saved directly into Storman Cloud as a new “lead” – ready for staff to action and with all the reporting & conversion data you’ve come to expect from Storman.

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